Honda S660 with Impressive Aero Kit by LB Performance

When it comes to one-off and out-of-the-ordinary aero programs, then the Japanese technicians from Liberty Walk tuning company are the best, particularly if the models in question refer to a Lamborghini.

However, there are other cars to be included on the tuner`s fine-modding list, and that would be the Honda S660, an exceptional Japanese sports car that impresses with a futuristic design and sheer performance under the hood.

And to see how good the aftermarket specialists are at customizing a Honda model, then we should take a closer look at the below tuning program: Honda S660 with massive and wide aero kit by LB Performance.

You can instantly recognize it is a Liberty Walk tuning program by the way it goes around the car`s body style, with the massive side skirts, boot lid spoiler or rear diffuser. Not to mention the bolt-on fender flares, which is the tuner`s “piece du resistance”.

The entire aero package is made from FRP and is complemented by the tuner`s new alloy wheels, which increase the car`s overall aggressive looks. However, we should have expected a power upgrade as well, especially since we are looking here at a poor 63 horsepower, squeezed from a stock 0.66-liter turbo-charged three cylinder mill.

In case you own such a model and need to add some fine visuals, then you should know that the aero kit in question costs at least $4,190. However, if you want some extra upgrades like the new air suspension, then you should trough a total of $5,115.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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