Honda S660 by Modulo X Looks Sexy and Eye-Catching

Released around three years ago, the Honda S660 is an exceptional city car which seemed to have appealed to costumers over 40 years of age, and that`s because of its exquisite design, custom interior and quite impressive power squeezed from a mid-engine.

And even if the carmaker has not released a new model, the S660 keeps shining today, thanks to the new visual enhancements carried out by Modulo X, Honda`s hardcore division that deals with custom-built models from the Japanese company. Unfortunately, the model will be offered in a limited-run edition in Japan alone.

Just like you can observe in the media gallery below, the Honda S600 by Module X looks extremely sexy and eye-catching with the new aero kit.

The body treatment consists of a new re-sculpted bumper bar at the front, along with more futuristic ‘cheekbones’, wider side intake with LED units, and split grille which replaces the car`s standard single opening, proving the looks of a NSX supercar.

At the rear, the Honda S660 by Modulo X has also received a new bumper with centrally-positioned exhaust system, active rear spoiler and a few more. Overall, the model looks extremely hot and aggressive with the coloured soft-top and the new black wheels. Inside, the cabin complements the exterior with two-tone leather, alloy pedals, leather handbrake and two-tone floor mats.

Mechanically, this gorgeous city-car might have also received updated suspension system and new brakes; at least this is what close sources reports.

As for performance under the hood, the aftermarket specialists from Modulo X tuning firm have decided not to mess around with the car`s engine. This means that it remains standard with the good 47 kW, paired to a stock six-speed manual or optional CVT.

More details of the Honda S660 by Modulo X can be found in the handful of pictures we have in the media gallery below. Enjoy and don’t forget to tell us if you like it or not!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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