Alfa Romeo 4C ‘Nemesis’ by Pogea Racing Is the Real Deal

If you own a new Alfa Romeo 4C and want to have it customized just like the model in our story, then you should definitely contact Pogea Racing tuning firm for some in-depth transformation, both at the exterior as well as under the hoof.

Pogea Racing division is part of Abarth company which deals with Alfa Romeo programs. This time, the model in question is the gorgeous 4C, an exceptionally well-built sports car with an aggressive body style and impressive performance figures.

However, the model is completely changed, thanks to the new add-ons from Pogea Racing, all part of the so called ‘Nemesis’ project. Everything is changed – the exterior and interior, mechanically, and of course, the power boost under the hood – making it a completely new car.

As we can depict from the media gallery below, the technicians from Pogea Racing have added a bespoke front bumper with integrated spoiler for increased aerodynamics, along with side skirts or large wing mounted at the rear which increases the car`s downforce.

There is also the new 18- and 19-inch alloy wheels, front and rear, respectively, which keep the car to the ground and increase its grip while tackling the corners at high speeds. The interior has also been improved to provide a sportier yet more luxurious feel, thanks to the new sports seats, aluminum pedals, or leather / Alcantara upholstery.

However, the car`s main highlight remains the power boost under the hood. To achieve the new power, the specialists added some modifications to the car`s 1.75-liter turbo four-cylinder pot. Thus, they installed a larger turbocharger, forged pistons, wider intake valves, and a new crankshaft, all raising the power from the stock 177 kW to a staggering 356 kW, while the torque has been improved from 350 Nm of torque to a nice 535 Nm of torque. The engine also comes with a custom-built dual-clutch transmission, that helps the car to performe better from 0 to 100 km/h. Unfortunately, we do not know the official figures, but we expect around 4.1 seconds from standstill.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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