Nissan Creates Unique 370Z Snowmobile

When you think of Nissan’s 370Z you probably think of road races and drift events, but most likely not about off-roading in it. Nissan, however, has thought of that and being the perfect season for such thoughts, decided to turn one 370Z into a snowmobile. The result is simply amazing. The Nissan 370Zki as it’s been called is definitely an interesting addition to Nissan’s range of car models.

This is and will probably remain the only such 370Z. This means that the 370Zki is even more unique than we thought. The interesting thing is that the automaker has opted for modifying the convertible version of the 370Z, which means you can easily admire the sky while riding in this weird Nissan snowmobile. A couple of modifications had to be made in order to adapt the car to the new road conditions. While it can’t be said that the car’s structure was radically modified, there is still a serious amount of engineering that went into this particular conversion.

Nissan 370Zki Snowmobile

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The changes that were done to the car’s structure regard the vehicle’s height, its exhaust system, its brake lines and the vehicle’s rear wheel wells. All this modifications were made in order to replace the car’s rear wheels with a specific set of American Track Truck tracks and its front wheels with a set of sturdy skis. Further changing the vehicle’s look, Nissan has added an orange livery with the unique car’s specific branding. Without a doubt, this is a vehicle that any real automotive enthusiast would want to have in his private collection.

Nissan 370Zki Snowmobile

No changes were made to the engine, which means the Nissan 370Zki’s engine is still outputting 332HP, which is plenty of power for anyone wanting to take this unique vehicle for a spin in the snow. It really is a shame that Nissan does not plan on bringing this variant of the 370Z to production. While few people would probably buy such a vehicle, a solution could have been selling the 370Zki in a limited number as a special edition Nissan model. Regardless of the situation, the Nissan 370Zki is definitely a vehicle that stands out.

Nissan 370Zki Snowmobile

You can tell the people over at Nissan have put a lot of work into this particular car model. The result speaks for itself. It is a unique vehicle that basically shows that there are no limits to what changes can be made to a car, as long as the right team and the right tools are used for the job. It will be interesting to see what other unique transformations Nissan has in plan for its other vehicle models. No matter what plans they have, the result will definitely be worth noting, as in this particular case.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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