Range Rover Velar by Lumma Design

When you think of Range Rover, you think of classy SUV vehicles built with the British spirit in mind. These vehicles are refined vehicles. They combine the exterior roughness, typical for an SUV, with the comfort of a luxurious inside. With this particular Range Rover Velar, the folks over at Lumma Design decided to further improve this vehicle’s already impressive look and feel.

Visually speaking, Lumma Design has added custom wheel arch extensions. The Range Rover Velar looks wider and more beefy. The wheel arches were added in order for the Velar to better accommodate Lumma’s own rims. With the rims added, the vehicle looks more stylish. The vehicle also looks aggressive. By no means is the Range Rover Velar a flashy car. The style of aggressiveness developed through the added upgrades is more on the stealth side. The car stands out while still fitting in with the rest of the traffic.

Range Rover Velar by Lumma Design

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Other upgrades include a new front grille, rear spoiler lip, mirror caps and rear diffuser. All these help the car acquire that premium feel most tuning garages try to add to their builds, without necessarily canceling the car’s original design particularities. The people over at Lumma Design have put a lot of work into turning this particular Range Rover Velar into a better version of itself, but not into a whole new car.

Range Rover Velar by Lumma Design

Modifications were also done to the interior of the vehicle. The added aluminum pedal set, special upholstery and sport steering wheel, together with new seats and carpets make sure you get the same feeling inside of the car as you do when you just look at this particular Range Rover Velar. Just like the exterior upgrades, the modifications made to the inside of the car clearly build on the particularities of the vehicle’s original interior design.

Range Rover Velar by Lumma Design

Lumma Design also plans to upgrade the car’s engine for all available variants of the vehicle. The feeling you get with this particular build is of great balance. All aspects of the car have been slightly tuned in order to bring out the best of each of the vehicle’s sides. Without a doubt, if you own a Range Rover Velar, Lumma Design is the way to go. Not only do they improve the car, they give each Velar owner the possibility of maximizing the look and performance of the vehicle. No matter how you look at the Range Rover Velar by Lumma Design, you instantly notice the amount of work that went into upgrading the vehicle.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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