BMW i8 Blade Runner themed

Blade Runner themed BMW i8 rendering

For most of us, owning a tuned vehicle is not something that seems that easy to achieve.

And I say with one thing in mind: real tunes, as in tunes that are noteworthy, usually cost a pretty penny, and few can afford them.

BMW i8 Blade Runner themed


BMW i8 Blade Runner themed

Still, anyone can at least enjoy looking at the marvelous creations that roll out of aftermarket specialists’ garage. Hell, even a nice rendering will work at times. And when you see something like this Blade Runner themed BMW i8, you almost wish you could buy one.

BMW i8 Blade Runner themed
BMW i8 Blade Runner themed

Executed by Yasid, who also took the time to make a video detailing the process, the BMW i8 rendering is simply awesome. It is almost needed, as it has been some time since we saw something regarding the i8 and possible modifications. So, if you have about an hour free, watch below how to turn an i8 into a Blade Runner i8.

What do you think?

Written by Andrei C.

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