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F&F Tokyo Drift 350Z for Sale

If the Fast and Furious movie series can be praised for something it is for the way in which it has introduced its public to the car tuning culture. As it happens, the Nissan 350Z used for filming the movie is being sold. Naturally all fans of the series probably dream of getting their hands on this unique ride.

The Nissan 350Z is probably one of the most famous vehicles in the tuning car culture. The amount of upgrades and improvements available for this particular vehicle are hard to number. With this particular car you get more than just an upgraded version of the 350Z, you get the fame and reputation that the car carries with it right from the movie scripts. This car is definitely private car collection material. It is a truly unique vehicle.

F&F Tokyo Drift 350Z for Sale

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The exterior of the vehicle has been improved in all possible ways. In fact there are few parts that are still in stock form. Even so, the car is not flashy in any way. The chosen dark shades for the paintjob and side decal, prove that you don’t actually have to create a flashy car in order to make yourself noticed on the road. The wide body, the rear wing, the hood, all these elements combine and form one of the most interesting Nissan 350Z variants. There is a great sense of cohesiveness with this particular vehicle.

F&F Tokyo Drift 350Z for Sale

The engine has also been modified. In fact, this particular vehicle is the only one that has been fitted with performance upgrades. The bi-turbo engine is powerful enough to convince any speed freak of the real value this car carries. The sound produced by this vehicle is simply amazing. You can hear all these performance parts working together in order to offer an unforgettable experience behind the wheel. This that exist up to this point.

F&F Tokyo Drift 350Z for Sale

For such a rare vehicle the price was set accordingly. With a price tag of 134.000 dollars, this Nissan 350Z is definitely beyond expensive. Of course, for any true fan of the movie series or the car model the price is fair, taking in account the added upgrades and the included fame. What remains to be seen is whether or not this particular vehicle will find a new home and what purpose its potential buyer might give it once purchased.

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