This Is a Majestic Range Rover Velar with Widebody Kit by Lumma Design

The German engineers from Lumma Design are well-known for their extravagant aftermarket programs carried out on different models from BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Range Rover. However, they do have a particular carmaker in mind to dedicate their entire skils and best knowledge, and that is Land Rover.

From Land Rover, Lumma Design likes one-of-a-kind customizations on the Range Rover fleet, particularly the Velar. Recently, the CLR GT wide body kit has been applied on the exquisite Range Rover Velar. The result can be seen in the media gallery below.

To be able to apply such a wide body kit, the car in question must come with wide wheel arches from the factory, and it seems that the Velar is the perfect candidate for that. In fact, it is the width of the wheel arches that offer that raw aggressiveness.

In this case, the tuner has added a total of 100mm to the car`s width. More than that, the Velar has also received front bumper with integrated spoiler and Cup air splitter, updated front grille and large hood air intake scoops, all increasing its aerodynamics.

Other features also include side skirts with horizontal blades, rear apron with incorporated diffuser, quad exhaust pipes and roof-mounted spoiler which reduces drag. The entire kit is complemented with a new set of 22-inch alloy wheels, with 305/35 Michelin tires. However, you can also get the 23-inch wheels, with 305/30 Continental tires.

Inside, the cabin has also been improved with new aftermarket elements, such as aluminum pedal set, floor and boot carpet mats with the “Lumma” logo, adding as well a sports steering wheel.

Rumors also state that the engineers from Lumma Design are also preparing some new cool features in the engine department. We might be dealing here with a sport exhaust system with sound flap control and some pretty cool power stages. Until further details emerge, please take some time and admire the gorgeous Range Rover Velar by Lumma Design tuner in the media gallery below!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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