BMW X6 by Manhart Gets Custom Interior from Carlex Design

Even if the current generation BMW X6 wasn’t quite well-received because of its rugged looks and lack of sensuality, there is something mysterious about the SUV that attracts tuning firms to work their magic on the model.

Perhaps they have seen the car`s potential and have come up with custom-built programs that would make it look much more aggressive and fill-up the gaps left out by BMW.

Recently, Manhart took over a black X6 and decided to play around its body style, while adding some goodies inside, courtesy of Carlex Design, which deals with such things.

Starting with the exterior, the BMW X6 by Manhart looks like a real Manhart, thanks to the unique paintjob to start with. It involves a dark chocolaty brown with caramel-coloured stripes. Then comes other highlights like custom bumpers and skirts, adding as well bespoke fender flares or front spoiler and rear diffuser. The massive black wheels complete the visual enhancements.

The interior however, is a different kind of thing. It wears the signature of Carlex Design, which is a master in terms of interior customizations, and this X6 seen here is no exception from their rule.

Everything is high-end inside – Alcantara/leather upholstery on the seats with premium stitching and piping, and adding as well custom carbon fiber and piano black trims with yellow details. There is also the black suede headliner with yellow stripes.

Strange enough, Manhart tuner has not announced any new performance upgrades under the hood. However, the presence of the new rear diffuser might be a sign that the work is not finished yet.

Until further news on a power boost, don’t forget to check out the nice media gallery with the BMW X6 by Manhart & Carlex Design. Would take your own X6 out for some impressive make-overs at the exterior as well as inside?

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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