Video: 1965 Ford ‘Vicious’ Mustang with 1000HP by Timeless Kustoms Is a $1M Worth of Power Upgrades

Have you ever wondered how does a $1M custom-built muscle car look like? If you don’t believe it, then you might want to feast your eyes on the classic below – it`s a 1965 Ford Mustang which the tuner titled it “Vicious” – a completely new car with the “best of the best parts.”

There are no words explaining the $1M worth of visual and power upgrades, however, you can watch the video below for a better in-depth understanding.

The whole project had to be carried out by an American tuning firm, in this case, Timeless Kustoms from California, which took pride in delivering the most expensive program ever created.

To start with the exterior, the owner envisioned his own Mustang, modifying the car`s every inch with expensive pieces. So, we have a Ferrari F430-inspired rear and diffuser, Dynacorn body panel shells, or mini-tubbed rear end with two-inch flares.

Besides the extensive body work, there is also the new set of wheels – called Forgeline GT3C centrelock wheels – measuring staggering 11 inches at the front and 13 inches at the rear. And that provides extreme looks and aggressive design.

Expensive aftermarket parts were also installed inside. We are dealing here with a red interior with bespoke Sparco seats with DJ Safety harnesses, colour MoTec digital dashboard or DJ Safety fire suppression system.

Mechanically, this monster on wheels benefits from the most expensive parts. There is the EMCO CG46 six-speed sequential or the Ridetech triple adjustable coil-overs, along with 15.5-inch carbon ceramic front brake rotors, Art Morrison Enterprises multi-link independent rear suspension, full MoTec ECU and data acquisition system.

Had enough? We are not finished – the engine has also received two new Precision turbos and the Ford Performance Aluminator 5.2-liter V8 with Magnuson MP2300 TVS supercharger, with a staggering result – 1,000 HP – achieved as well on E85 fuel. Perhaps these are the most expensive parts that help to achieve the staggering power.

Now comes the $1M question: Would you spent so much money even if you had it stashed inside the mattress? Perhaps the video below might explain the most expensive tuning program ever created on a muscle car! Enjoy and don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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