FJ Land Cruiser Restomod with Lexus V8 Powertrain

The gorgeous yet iconic FJ Toyota Land Cruiser will always appeal to the public with its rugged looks, and this is perhaps why we get to see it in numerous aftermarket projects. One particular project is this one right here receiving a thorough make-over from tuner Retro Power established in the UK. This particular restomod is dubbed Project St. Joan and is considered to be one of the most impressive projects that the tuner has ever created. With unique exterior features and a very potent Lexus V8 engine under the hood, it will definitely turn a lot of attention from passers-by on the sunny streets of Ibiza.

Exterior Has a Timeless Appeal with Modern Elegance

Project St. Joan still retains the classic charm of the FJ Toyota Land Cruiser, yet represents a visual delight with the subtle enhancements carried out at the exterior. Paying homage to the classic Land Cruiser, it perfectly combines vintage aesthetics with modern elegance, thanks to the new body tweaks. These tweaks refer to reshaped bumper mounts, polished copper-finished side moldings, or anodized bronze mirrors or door handles.

FJ Land Cruiser Restomod with Lexus V8 8

Interior Is Where Nostalgia Meets Luxury

Moving inside, you are welcomed with a luxurious interior that overpasses the nostalgic feel. There is a fresh dashboard with some important modifications carried out to accommodate new features like the Vintage Air AC system. There is also the gear knob which now houses a PCB with a LED controller that illuminates switches and controls in a strategic way, thus showcasing innovation in a classic setting.

FJ Land Cruiser Restomod with Lexus V8 4

The rear has also undergone some transformation with the new seating and lighting, while the new fold-down picnic table represents the perfect addition for those seeking for leisurely drives.

The Power Heart Is a Lexus V8

Besides the new additions to the exterior and the interior, the true soul of the tuner`s Project St. Joan lies underneath, where a powerful engine is waiting to be unleashed. It is a genuine Lexus pot, called 1UZ-FE V8, promising to deliver no less than 256 horsepower, which for such an oldy but goldy is a rare thing.

FJ Land Cruiser Restomod with Lexus V8 5

We have to mention though that this is not the same NASCAR V8 engine that powers the Land Cruiser that Toyota recently revealed at the SEMA Show. We will turn our attention to that later in the article. This is an original Lexus V8 with no modifications. However, it is hooked to an upgraded transmission, which is an 80-Series Land Cruiser automatic, that ensures a smooth yet powerful ride.

Technology: Classic Heritage Enhanced

Project St. Joan beautifully combines timeless aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. Incorporating driver assistance systems guarantees safety without sacrificing the driving experience. Additionally, the inclusion of smart connectivity features, seamlessly blends the best of both worlds creating a Restomod that perfectly harmonizes tradition and innovation.

Price Tag Is Unknown

Projects of such extent are unique, and Project St. Joan has already demonstrated that is a genuine masterpiece. However, we do not know what is the price tag for such a build. It only remains to assume that the cost reflects not the materials used but the artistic touch infused into every aspect.

Additional FJ :Toyota’s Off-Road Jewelry: FJ Bruiser with NASCAR V8 Power

NASCAR V8 Powered1966 FJ generation Land Cruiser 6

Another FJ Land Cruiser from Toyota has been brought to our attention recently, the one that we spoke about earlier in the article and that was recently launched at the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas. However, with this one, Toyota really tried to redefine off-road excellence by transforming a 1966 FJ-generation Land Cruiser pickup into an off-road trophy truck. And what a truck it is as it is armed with a NASCAR 8 engine.

NASCAR V8 Powered1966 FJ generation Land Cruiser 1

Underneath the hood of the FJ Bruiser, lies a Toyota Racing Development (TRD) NASCAR spec V8 engine. This beastly powerhouse, estimated to deliver 725 horsepower replaces the 3.9 liters inline-six engine, providing the FJ Bruiser with the sheer force required for thrilling off-road expeditions. While the exact modifications for increased power are undisclosed, having a NASCAR V8 under the hood guarantees an exhilarating performance like no other.

FJ Land Cruiser Restomod Video

FJ Land Cruiser Restomod Media Gallery

NASCAR V8-Powered1966 FJ-Generation Land Cruiser Media Gallery

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