Unleashing Rally Glory: The Toyota GR Yaris WRC Special Editions

Exterior: Rally-Inspired Designs That Demand Attention

Toyota is turning heads once again with the release of two limited editions of the GR Yaris, paying homage to their World Rally Championship (WRC) triumphs. Designed in collaboration with rally legends Sebastien Ogier and Kalle Rovanpera, these special editions showcase unique styling features that set them apart from the crowd.

Toyota GR Yaris Rovanpera Edition 1

GR Yaris Ogier Edition

The Ogier Edition boasts a distinctive carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) rear spoiler, not just for aesthetics but also to enhance aerodynamics. The Toyota Gazoo Racing decals on the doors proudly announce its racing pedigree, while an exclusive Ogier Edition logo graces the tailgate. The French national colors on the radiator grille and 18-inch alloy wheels add a patriotic touch. Inside, the cabin features red, white, and blue stitching on the steering wheel, complemented by a commemorative plaque on the passenger side of the instrument panel.

Toyota GR Yaris Ogier Edition 2

GR Yaris Rovanpera Edition

With a three-tone paint finish inspired by Rovanpera’s helmet designer, this edition exudes elegance. WRC victory stickers on the front wings and Gazoo Racing logos on the doors emphasize its racing lineage. The Rovanpera Edition badge on the boot proudly signifies its exclusivity. Inside, blue and grey stitching mirrors the flag of Rovanpera’s home country, Finland, creating a harmonious blend of style and performance. A commemorative plaque adds a personal touch to the cabin.

Toyota GR Yaris Rovanpera Edition 9

Interior: Racing Heritage Meets Modern Comfort

The interiors of both editions seamlessly merge racing heritage with modern comfort. The Ogier Edition’s red, white, and blue stitching extends beyond the steering wheel to enhance the entire cabin. A commemorative plaque serves as a constant reminder of the racing legacy associated with this special edition. On the other hand, the Rovanpera Edition’s blue and grey stitching creates an elegant and cohesive interior, complemented by a commemorative plaque that adds a touch of exclusivity.

Toyota GR Yaris Ogier Edition 6

Mechanics: Tailored Drive Modes for Ultimate Performance

Under the hood, both special editions feature the upgraded powertrain, a 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine delivering an impressive 276bhp and 390Nm of torque. The six-speed manual gearbox ensures an engaging driving experience. However, what truly sets these editions apart are the personalized drive modes.

Toyota GR Yaris Ogier Edition 5

Ogier Edition

The Ogier Edition introduces two new control modes for its four-wheel drive system: Morizo and Seb. Calibrated to deliver consistent race times, the Morizo settings align with the preferences of Toyota’s Chairman Akio Toyoda. The Seb mode, named after Sebastien Ogier himself, optimizes torque distribution to the back axle, offering a thrilling driving experience with better control at higher speeds.

Rovanpera Edition

The Rovanpera Edition introduces a Donut Mode, providing a constant but higher torque flow to the rear wheels. Additionally, the Kalle Mode employs a constant-velocity rear differential and Torsen front and rear differentials, facilitating the iconic ‘Scandinavian flick’ for dynamic cornering. These technical changes emphasize the personalized and performance-driven nature of the Rovanpera Edition.

Final Thoughts: Limited Editions, Unlimited Excitement

As Toyota celebrates its WRC triumphs, the GR Yaris Ogier and Rovanpera Editions stand as testaments to the brand’s commitment to performance and innovation. With unique exterior designs, meticulously crafted interiors, and personalized drive modes, these limited editions encapsulate the thrill of rally racing.

While details about ordering and sales in European markets are yet to be announced, the anticipation for these strictly limited editions is already building. Toyota’s dedication to creating high-performance machines that bridge the gap between rally tracks and city streets ensures that the GR Yaris WRC special editions will not just be cars; they’ll be an embodiment of racing glory, a fusion of precision engineering and pure driving exhilaration. Stay tuned for the release date, as these exclusive editions are set to conquer both the hearts of enthusiasts and the roads they tread.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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