Old Toyota Celica is Actually Wingo from CARS

When you usually think about tuning your car, regardless of the make and model, you think of how to improve the vehicle’s performance, aspect or overall feel. Rare are those moments when you see somebody change his car for worse in an attempt to attract attention. This is the exact case for an old Toyota Celica that has been upgraded with what can be called a ladder wing. Adding to the odd idea is the fact that the car was made to resemble a character from the movie CARS.

The real question is what drives one to modify his car in such a way? Could it be his need for attention or is it a way of showing his appreciation towards those that have created the movie? No matter what the reason, the car’s whacky look is a certainty. For those that have not seen the movie CARS, this particular Toyota Celica looks exactly like one of the secondary characters in the movie. The character named Wingo, obviously after the strange wing he possessed, was a parody aimed at the tuning scene in the automotive world.

While a vehicle such as the Toyota Celica could be easily modified in order to improve just about every aspect of it, the owner of this particular vehicle decided to try to attract attention in a whole new, ingenious way. Was it worth it? From a performance point of view, such an approach is definitely not recommended. If you look at the vehicle from the popularity angle, you will most likely agree that such an upgrade was indeed a good idea. Fans of the movie will, no doubt, be intrigued by the upgrade choices of this particular individual.

Another question one could ask himself is whether this Toyota Celica is a parody aimed at the parody present in the movie. Could the owner of this Toyota Celica be sending a far more complex message to those that see his car? Of course, the wing of this Celica is the primary target of many rumors. It is amazing how people get hyped for all sorts of strange happenings. While this particular Toyota Celica may bring in discussion many questions on behalf of those that have the opportunity to see it, in the end the look of this particular vehicle is the result of somebody who wanted to attract attention to himself, his car or the movie his car, now, seems to have been part of.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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