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Loder1899 presents Ford Focus Estate tuning kit

Loder1899 is a German tuning company which revealed today a package for the current Ford Focus Estate model.

To begin with, the exterior appearance gets a boost through a body kit including side skirts, front lip spoiler and rear diffuser.

Ford Focus Estate by Loder1899

Ford Focus Estate by Loder1899

A variety of wheels with dimensions from 17 to 20 inches are also available along with LED daytime running lights and headlamp covers.

Ford Focus Estate by Loder1899

Ford Focus Estate by Loder1899

At the interior you won’t find major improvements but however this is not an issue as this tuning kit also includes few performance upgrades worth to mention. To be more precise, the German tuner managed to increase the total output from 138hp to 188hp. The torque gets also a boost from 340Nm to 390Nm, enough extra power to improve the 0-100 km/h acceleration and top speed.

Ford Focus Estate by Loder1899

Ford Focus Estate by Loder1899

Loder1899 forgot to mention the new performance figures after the engine tweak. In the same time, the German company released no pricing or availability details for the Ford Focus Estate kit.


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