New and Old Ford GT by Wheelsandmore

When you think of the Ford GT you think of a powerful and efficient vehicle. The Ford GT is a bundle of raw power. In both forms, new and old, the vehicle is stunning. It looks and feels great, just as you’d expect from a real supercar. It is exactly this fame surrounding the Ford GT that has pushed the folks over at Wheelsandmore to fit both Ford GT generations with a brand new set of rims. The result speaks for itself. Both cars, old and new, look amazing with the added set of rims.

While the old and new Ford GT are worlds apart in terms of technology and looks, they do share the same core values, values that have been given to these particular models by the American automaker. The fitted carbon fiber rims are either 20 or 21 inch models. Regardless of the size, these manage to improve the look of both cars. These rims fit flawlessly into the original design of the car. Nothing seems to be out of place with the modifications made by Wheelsandmore. In fact, everything seems to fall into place.

New and Old Ford GT by Wheelsandmore

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The added rims by Wheelsandmore bring out the already existing particularities of both vehicles. These rims fit so well with the cars, that they almost seem like the original production set. There is no doubt about the amount of work that was put into creating these rims. The end result speaks for itself. The rims provided by the people over at Wheelsandmore are the perfect choice if you own a compatible Ford GT vehicle. The added rims give both Ford GT generations a more aggressive look. While most may discard this as a proper upgrade, the fact is that the style improvement of both vehicles proves otherwise.

New and Old Ford GT by Wheelsandmore

It seems that the guys over at Wheelsandmore have hit the jackpot with this particular set of rims. They’ve made sure to give two distinct Ford GT generations the much deserved praise by fitting a new set of rims, an upgrade that has helped outline the best parts of both vehicles. It will be interesting to see what new rims Wheelsandmore will fit on future Ford GT generations. The result, just like in this particular case, will most likely be a complete success. At this point, we can only speculate of what might come. The reality is represented, at this point, by two Ford GT generations fitted with a stylish set of rims.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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