Ford GT by PUR

The Ford GT is one of the most interesting models produced by Ford. When you think about Ford you think about a family oriented company that produces vehicles for people that want a car to be comfortable and safe. With the Ford GT, the American company wanted to show the world that it can also compete on a whole new different level. The folks over at PUR decided to add their own touch to one such Ford model.

The first thing you notice when looking at the Ford GT is its aggressive look. Its design combines the brutality of straight lines with the fine polished aspect of rounded edges. This makes for an intriguing design indeed. The sporty, centered, line decals bring a classic feel to the car. No matter how you look at it, the Ford GT is a vehicle that manages to harmoniously integrate a lot of different elements and features in its structure.

Ford GT by PUR

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The folks over at PUR decided to add their own touch to the Ford GT. They changed the rims, something most may consider the biggest flaw in this Ford model’s design. While the added 20 inch rims do not change the vehicle’s personality, they manage to improve its overall aspect. The newly fitted Michelin tires contribute to the sporty look of the car while also improving its performance. The yellow paintjob of this particular Ford GT model seems to be completed by the yellow stripe on the tires.

Ford GT by PUR

The Ford GT is without a doubt a car that seems to favor performance instead of luxury. When driving the car you feel the raw power that resides within the car’s engine. It’s exactly this lack of refinement that makes the Ford GT unique amongst other supercars. This car’s personality also seems to fit the American style of life. Still, the Ford GT is a beautiful car. Its design fits its character very well. The sporty, aggressive look will appeal to most race fans out there.

Ford GT by PUR

No matter how you look at it, the Ford GT by PUR is definitely an improvement over the original variant of the car. The rims and tires add to the car’s personality without changing its core characteristics. This particular Ford GT is a car that most Ford fans would love to have in their private collections. The Ford GT by PUR is without a doubt a car that stands out amongst other similar models.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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