Porsche Cayenne Magnum by TechArt Tuning

Porsche Cayenne SUV became a member of the tuned luxury class. This happened when the guys from TechArt decided to implement the Magnum Kit on the German cars. Although they have done several kits for this vehicle, it seems that the Magnum pack is one of their best. Its implementation has two main branches, first one has to deal with the appearence of the SUV and the second one also adds modifications to the engine’s power output.

Porsche Cayenne Magnum

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Porsche Cayenne Magnum

The Magnum body kit designed to change the cars appearence was first implemented on a 2011 Porsche Cayenne, it borne only estethic and comfort modifications. The things that caught your eyes is the front apron with large air intakes, running day lights and the hood with two air outlets, made of course also carbon fiber.

Porsche Cayenne Magnum
Porsche Cayenne Magnum

The sides of the cars were not forgotten, new side skirts were mounted to fit the new trims of the doors. In order to fulfill the design, the rear has a stylish roof spoiler, a rear apron with the diffuser that integrates with glory the modified exhaust tailpipes made of course of polished stainless stell. All of this beauty package is mounted on Formula, Formula II or Formula III alloy forged wheels. For those who want do stand out of the crowd there the posibilly of mounting Formula II GTR light alloy wheels or the forged Formula III set with a ceramic polish.

Porsche Cayenne Magnum
Porsche Cayenne Magnum

If style is not enough for you, in 2013 TechArt came with an update to their Magnum Kit. This time besides the stylish carbon fiber exterior, they did some workd on the engine too. Not only for the turbo variants but also for the diesels too. For the turbo engines they came up with two variants, so no one complains of too mcuh or too little power. They called their first one TA 058/T1 and and can boost the 4.8l engine from 500hp to 560 hp, and the torque from 700Nm to 780Nm. And the second one TA 058/T2 wich squeezes out of the engine about 660Hp and 880 Nm of torque.

Porsche Cayenne Magnum
Porsche Cayenne Magnum

TechArt also thought about about how the car will use all this extra muscle so they also installed a TechArt engine management utility so that the car will give the best in every possible situation.

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