TechArt previews Porsche Macan tune

While the Porsche Macan is new, it not what we’d call fresh out of the assembly line.

Yet, aftermarket versions or at least small kits have yet to catch the media’s attention.

Porsche Macan by TechArt


Porsche Macan by TechArt

Now, TechArt come out and previews their take on the Porsche Macan, and so far, it seems decent. Right now the aftermarket specialist is concentrating on finishing their aero kit. Made from a special carbon fiber composite, the kit will include new front spoiler, roof spoiler, rear diffuser, wheel arch extensions and side skirts.

Porsche Macan by TechArt
Porsche Macan by TechArt

Custom wheels will also be included in the package, with the option of choosing between four different designs. As for the interior, TechArt promises a new steering wheel in the Porsche Macan, as well as a lot of custom trims on the dashboard, center console and door panels.

Porsche Macan by TechArt
Porsche Macan by TechArt

Nothing sure on the performance department, but they might be visiting at least an ECU remapping. We will know more in about one month, when the tuner will reveal the full specs for the build.

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Written by Andrei C.

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