Rolls-Royce Ghost by Novitec Group

When it comes to tuning vehicles, Rolls-Royces are not what you would call a first choice for pretty much any tuner.

Still, Novitec Group’s Spofec division decided it is time the Rolls-Royce Ghost got some upgrades.

Rolls-Royce Ghost by Spofec


Rolls-Royce Ghost by Spofec

First off, Spofec brings performance upgrades in two kits. The first one, called N-tronic, modifies the engine so it produces 685 Hp and 968 Nm of torque. The second upgrade add what Spofec calls the V-Spec kit, and this bring the engine to 708 Hp and 978 Nm of torque.

Rolls-Royce Ghost by Spofec
Rolls-Royce Ghost by Spofec

As for the appearance, the Rolls-Royce Ghost received some new body panels, including front and rear bumpers and a new set of 22 inch alloy wheels. While the tuner says this will add some sportiness and aerodynamics to the car, fact remains that this is a Rolls, in other words, a house on wheels. You need power and luxury, not aerodynamics.

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Written by Andrei C.

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