Vilner reveals the Stormtrooper BMW

I said a few days ago that the Bulgarians from Vilner are prepping something quite nice, and the teaser they presented held a lot of promise.

Now the Stormtrooper BMW has been revealed, and we can finally see what the aftermarket specialist has done.

Vilner's Stormtrooper BMW


Vilner’s Stormtrooper BMW

Starting with a BMW M6, Vilner managed to create something amazing, and while a lot of exterior styling was borrowed from a previous project, the Bullshark, the Stormtrooper manages to stand on its own. In fact, this has to be one of the better cars out there that took inspiration from the iconic movie franchise.

Vilner's Stormtrooper BMW
Vilner’s Stormtrooper BMW

From the new kidney grilles to the restyled hood and trunk lid, the exterior has seen extensive modification, something you don’t really see from other respectable tuners. Again, that is a good thing. While the performance of the car was not altered (at least as far as we know), once you step inside the car, you won’t care about that. The interior was done in true Vilner style, with Nappa leather and alcantara all around.

What do you think?

Written by Andrei C.

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