Mercedes V250 by Hartmann Tuning

Tuned vans may not sound very familiar for most of car enthusiasts but they are actually quite a lot of packages developed for such utility vehicles.

This time, the Mercedes V250 got some serious attention from Hartmann Tuning, a company that built a complete package. At the exterior, you will be greeted by a white finish with green inserts. The lower part of the front bumper, as well as the side skirts and rear bumper skirt got the contrasting finish. A new set of VEST-1 alloy wheels in a black finish is also available.

They are fitted with 245/45 tires and improve the overall look. Under the hood, the stock 2.1-liter diesel engine which animates the Mercedes V250, got a power boost to 224 hp and 505 Nm of torque.

The standard 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 9,1 seconds should see an improvement as well as the top speed of 206 km/h. Sadly, Hartmann Tuning release no specific figures in this regard but it’s good to know that the upgrades are there.

Speaking of upgrades, we have to remind the retuned suspension system that promises a lowered ground clearance by 30 mm as well as the sound generator which makes the car sound more aggressive at a press of a button.

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Written by Rikk

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