This Mercedes-AMG C63 Is a Real Beast with the Akrapovic`s Custom Exhaust

If you have got a Mercedes-AMG C63 and want a “proper” exhaust system for some impressive hauling, then Akrapovic is your solution. The technicians design personalized systems for each of the available AMG model on the market, and the C63 is not exception.

Akrapovic has specially built for your AMG C63 a three valve system which comes with the tuner`s latest active-x connection.

This means that the engine roar of your Merc is so impressive that you could hear it from miles away. But how does it really work?

There are three level of sounds that you can choose from, and that thanks to the adjustable flaps installed in the tail pipes. You can enhance the level of your sound by opening or closing the flaps in Sport+ mode which makes the sound wilder.

With an additional flap in the X connection, your new titanium system will create different sound types according to the driving modes available. Simple, isn’t it?

The good news is that in addition to a wilder engine roar, you also get to enjoy an increased performance, especially since the system itself is extremely lightweight. Your C63`s power will be raised by up to 8 horsepower and 28 Nm of torque.

It is not that hard getting the new system on your AMG C63, but not that easy either, and the process itself might take months, each one coming with its price. But for that, you are going to have to deal with Akrapovic itself.

Meanwhile, hear the sound of this AMG C63 below and decide for yourself if you want the titanium system for your own!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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