Brabus “Shapes” the Rugged Character of the C-Class Sedan and Wagon

I can`t say I am blown-away by Mercedes-Benz products but there are a few models from the AMG or Brabus that are really worth the trouble.

There are two main symbols that Mercedes-Benz relies on: the AMG line, which offers hardcore versions of the stock Mercs, as well as the company`s special division Brabus, which deals with aftermarket customizations. And when the two of them meet, hell breaks loose.

This is why we should keep them separated from each other. These two Mercedes-Benz C-Class W / S205 models come without the AMG package, which was a perfect opportunity for Brabus to “shape out” their styling a little bit.

The Brabus kit are distinguishable from the rest with unique features that make the models more appealing and extremely eye-catching, and these two seen here are no exception.

The Brabus C-Class kit comes with custom front spoiler lip, rear diffuser, spoiler plus tailpipes as well as freshly-added side skirts.

Let`s not forget the 20-inch Brabus wheels installed on the sedan or huge Monoblack black rims on the wagon, which make them aggressive. Add up the sport suspension system and you get the perfect opportunity for a photo session.

We won`t spoil all the fun and let you fully enjoy the nice gallery put together by Brabus. In case you have got something to say about these two lads, please do it in the comment section!

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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