Porsche Panamera with Outrageous Mansory Kit Pops-Up on the Web

I am definitely in for all Porsche models that pop-up on the web wearing outstanding and outrageous tuning kits from different tuners worldwide.

But Japanese-based tuners tend to stand-out from the crowd with extremely wide and insane projects, which can make a car look extremely appealing or ugly as hell. And the Panamera seen here wearing a Mansory kit adding some other cool bits from the Japanese-based EXE Executive 01 tuner, might have been an ugly lad a couple of years ago.

The car is ending up into the spotlights and might be regarded quite appealing right now, when we have witnessed other outrageous tunings that literally killed those cars.

I particularly find this Mansory Panamera absolutely insane and mind-blowing, with an aggressive carbon kit all dressed in a pure black exterior wrap. The result is what you get to see in the media below.

There are plenty of carbon details to consider, like new bumper with wide air intakes, front air splitter with a grille slot and rear diffuser insert coming with single central tailpipe.

Other standout features also refer to revised front wings and side skirts, rear spoiler, flared wheel arches, vented carbon bonnet, all complemented by the same Mansory alloy wheels, which make the Panamera a real beast.

Inside, the cabin complements the exterior with Ivory leather and other high-end materials. In the engine department, this model packs the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo with 500 horsepower.

The entire work of EXE Executive tuner can be admired in the photos below, which can be downloaded and added to your desktop.

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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