Mercedes S550 Coupe with RENNtech Wheels Is a Real “Aristocrat” Sports Car

The Mercedes S550 S-Class Coupe is a really outstanding model, coming with an extremely aggressive design and sheer performance under the hood, but as the project below demonstrated, it can do more in the aftermarket world.

Some may say that this is a car fit for the kings, I say that it looks stunning but not that stunning to make it for a display in Abu Dhabi. Don’t get me wrong, it looks smashing but doesn’t have that sex-appeal for a real head-turning feel.

Either way, the folks from Aristocrat Motors have done their best in delivering a nice and clean project, and their result didn’t get unnoticed.

There are aero parts that really differentiate it from the stock version, like the new set of Deep Monolite 10-spoke wheels courtesy of RENNtech tuner, sized 21 x 9.0 and 22 x 10.5 front and rear wheels, finished in Brush Aluminum, which make it look more aggressive and standout.

Besides the wheels, there weren’t any noticeable changes at the exterior, but under the hood, this lad here is indeed really impressive.

The technicians have added a power boost thanks to the new modifications carried out under the hood. This means that the model received an ECU remapping along with some other new mechanics, all of them contributing to an overall power of 540 horsepower and 704 lb-ft of torque, squeezed out from the stock V8 engine. This would be like having a much more powerful S63 AMG Coupe, only in an S550 Coupe disguise.

The tuner have also released a media gallery with their latest ride, enjoy and don’t forget to share your opinions!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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