Ferrari 488 GTB by Misha Designs

A Ferrari isn’t the perfect example of what you would think when someone would ask for a suitable car for a tuning project build. The people over at Misha Designs decided to prove to the world that even Ferraris can be improved if the right team is involved. This Ferrari 488 GTB has its own unique personality.

The first thing you are bound to notice when looking at this particular Ferrari 488 GTB is the cheery lime green paintjob. While it is not something you would see applied on most Ferraris, in this case the color fits the car very well, contrasting at the same time with all fitted carbon fiber upgrades. The overall look of the car is more aggressive. The added Savini rims contribute to this 488’s distinct personality. The added rear wing and the applied decals contribute to the sporty look of the vehicle.

Ferrari 488 GTB by Misha Designs

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This particular Ferrari is now a mix of classy, fast supercar and aggressive, performance oriented vehicle. No matter how you look at it, you can tell a lot of passion has been invested in this project. The folks over at Misha Designs have managed to give birth to a special rendition of the Ferrari 488 GTB. With this particular project the engine has been left untouched, which is something that was to be expected. The car had already been gifted with a lot of power from the start.

Ferrari 488 GTB by Misha Designs

The exterior of the Ferrari, now, seems to fit what is under the hood better. There is a great sense of balance with this particular project build. Nothing seems overdone. Every upgrade fits in its place. The upgrades themselves keep the original spirit of the car. They build on the existing traits of the Ferrari 488 GTB. No matter how you look at this particular project build, the people over at Misha Designs have created the perfect mix of performance and visual upgrades, turning an already special car into something even more special.

Ferrari 488 GTB by Misha Designs

This particular Ferrari 488 GTB is indeed a unique vehicle. The folks over at Misha Designs have put in a lot of work. The end result speaks for itself. No real Ferrari fan would pass the opportunity of driving this car for at least a couple of minutes. The experience is as special as the car is. The Ferrari 488 GTB by Misha Designs is, without a doubt, one of the most astonishing Ferrari build projects.

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Written by Tudor Sprinceana

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