Video: Pagani V12 Engine Built by AMG`s Technicians, Provides Massive Power and Torque

Unveiling Precision: The Pagani and AMG Partners in Crime

Pagani and AMG have been partners in crime since 1999 and have created some of the most powerful engines to be installed on the Italian supecarmaker`s models. In the video below released by Pagani, we can admire the exclusive work of art of AMG`s technicians when hand-building the extraordinary powertrains at their headquarters in Affalterbach, Germany.

A Masterpiece of Performance – The M158 V12 Engine

The Team Behind the Scenes

When it comes to assembling their AMG V12 engines, Pagani trusts two expert technicians from the AMG Division, and one of them is Michael Kubler, an esteemed engine builder known for his exquisite power projects.

Pagani V12 Engine by AMG 10

Kubler`s journey in engine assembly began with models like S65, SL65, and CL65 from AMG. His career reached heights when he took on the role of engine builder at Pagani. In the realm of hypercars, perfection is not a desire but an absolute requirement. With his composed demeanor and unwavering precision, Kubler rises to meet this demand.

The Artistry of Handcrafted Excellence

While the term “hand built” may lose its meaning in such contexts, it remains true to its essence at Pagani. The video showcases Kubler`s finest attention in the assembly process of the 6.0 liter V12 engine – a process that goes beyond care. Every screw and component receives a touch reflecting the dedication to perfection that Pagani customers expect.

Pagani V12 Engine by AMG 11

Aesthetic Beauty – More than Power

The AMG-crafted V12 is more than a powerhouse, it’s a work of artistry. Just like all the engines he builds, the V12 is highlighted in the slightest details, with prominently sculptured lines and featuring the iconic AMG plaque with Kubler`s signature.

Pagani V12 Engine by AMG 1

As the engine comes together, it’s not a wonder but a true masterpiece that showcases the perfect blend of performance and aesthetics which is the essence of Pagani.

A Historic Collaboration

The partnership between Pagani Automobili and Mercedes AMG is a story of endurance and excellence that spans over 25 years. Starting from the introduction of the Zonda C12 in 1999 to their ultimate creation, the Utopia, this collaboration has given birth to machines all powered by the remarkable AMG V12 engine. Pagani’s words “Never change a winning team” reflect the standing success of this formidable alliance.

Power Evolution – From M120 to M158

Zonda`s Engine Journey

The journey began with the M120 6.0-liter V12 engine that propelled the Zonda C12 with 444 horsepower. Over time, this engine found its place in other Zonda models like the 7.3 S. It even made its way into exclusive AMG editions such as the SL73 and CLK GTR Strassenversion. The latest marvel, from Pagani, known as Utopia, proudly houses the advanced M158 Pagani AMG V12 engine—producing 852 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque, and exclusively designed for Pagani automobiles.

Hybrid Hesitation – Embracing the Pleasure of Driving

While hybrid technology captures the attention of the industry, Pagani remains focused on the delight of being behind the wheel. Despite the possibilities of a V8 engine for their Utopia model, Pagani made a conscious decision to stay true to their brand’s essence. Horacio Pagani himself asserts, “Pagani cars are all about design ” emphasizing their unwavering dedication to enhancing the driving experience.

Looking Ahead – The Unchanging Presence of the V12

As the automotive industry progresses, one thing remains constant in Pagani’s vision—the hand-crafted V12 engine. Despite flirtations with technology, Pagani`s commitment to delivering unparalleled driving pleasure remains steadfast. The crafted V12, masterfully created by AMG`s engineers, symbolizes power, precision, and an everlasting partnership between Pagani and Mercedes AMG.

Pagani V12 Engine by AMG 5

Final Symphony: Where Artistry Meets Performance

In the fantastic world of hypercars, Pagani`s partnership with AMG represents a symbol of craftmnaship. All V12 engines hand-built by AMG and curated by technicians like Michael Kubler, transcend mere mechanics, as they embody artistry. Watching the process of building of these engines, we witness both the creation of power and the crafting of a masterpiece that resonates with the soul of every supercar from Pagani. 

Pagani V12 Engine by AMG Video

Pagani V12 Engine by AMG Media Gallery

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