E71 BMW X6 by Lumma Design Tuning (CLR X 650)

BMW X6 meets Lumma. One of the variants of the Lumma design is called E71, like the cellphone, but in nothing about communication and all about the looks. In the standard Lumma tuning package you get: front spoiler bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, fender extensions and rear bumper insertions.

BMW X6 Lumma

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BMW X6 Lumma

That was lat’s say a budget version. With CLR X 650 design, Lumma added besides all mentioned above, new wheels, 23″ to be precise and also they lowered the suspension. Also they increased the power output and redesigned the interior too.

BMW X6 Lumma
BMW X6 Lumma

The CLR X 650 wide body kit is widening the dimensions of the car by 5cm and the mix between new rims and lower suspension is modifing the height of the car by 35mm, that looks very impressive take in consideration that the car does not have air suspension. Now we’ve seen what they put on the outside and that Lumma mixed Carbonleather and Alcantara in the interior, now lets move to the engine.

BMW X6 Lumma
BMW X6 Lumma

New Lumma CLR X 650 pack also modifies the power output. So for the V8 engine the instead of those 555hp that came from the assembly line, they boosted it up and came out with 650hp. Also the torque changed from 680Nm to 830Nm. All of these changes have the resulting top speed of 321kph. This CLR X 650 Lumma tuning pack is available also for the M version of the BMW X6.

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