Audi A7 tuning by MTM

The whole idea of tuning the luxury Audi A7 came from trying to improve the car and driving it more towards the feeling of the one that stands behind the wheel. For doing that, MTM created a package that improves the engine’s power output and maneuverability.

Audi A7 MTM

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Audi A7 MTM

Everything starts with the modification of the car’s software so that. Modification is an understatement, in fact what MTM did is a new program for the car’s computer. By doing so they managed to bring the 3.0l TDI engine from 245HP to 285 HP, also the torque changed from 500Nm to 580 Nm. In order for the engine to keep its newly achieved performances, the changed the exhaust system so that the sound matches the power.

Audi A7 MTM
Audi A7 MTM

Together with more power and new sound, MTM put on Audi A7 a new set of rims, Bimoto, designed with 9 spokes. The new alloy forged wheels can withstand loads to nearly 780kg. All of this are fitted on new suspensions, that are designed individually for every client, so that the car delivers the need for speed to every driver according to he’s or her’s driving style and skill. Together with this new suspension , the F-Cantronic air suspension can be modified to please mantaining in the same time the the stiffness required by a sport car.

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