Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 Tuning by Fostla

Everyone that loves high octane engines was impressed by Mercedes Benz CLS. Not only by its performance but also by its looks. It has style as much as it has power. This year, guys from Fostla thought it would be a great idea to “tweak” a little this CLS. They worked under the hood and boosted the 3.0l V6 CDI from 265 hp to 310 hp, and the torque from 650Nm to 700Nm.

Mercedes Benz CLS Fostla

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Mercedes Benz CLS Fostla

To complete the menu, they added a new exhaust, one that resembles so much with that one used on AMG C63 Black Series. Fostla also spend a penny or two thinking about tuning the appearance of this car. So they came up with new front bumper, front fenders, side sills, a rear trunk lip and a new rear bumper with integrated air diffuser. Also they adde tinted discs, headlights and tail lights.

Mercedes Benz CLS Fostla
Mercedes Benz CLS Fostla

And this is not all, they also implemented a module that allows the driver to lower the car by using the steering wheel. All these goodies are wrapped nicely by full foliation with PWF foil in Bond-Gold-Matt-Metallic. The foil is not the only thing that has gold on it, the 20″ rims from Vossen are powder coated in matt gold.

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