McLaren 12C tune by ADV.1 and Fabspeed

If you read the title and recognized the two aftermarket specialists mentioned there, then you already have an idea of what exactly to expect from this McLaren 12C build.

That is right, the main features on this build are the new set of wheels, courtesy of ADV.1 and the awesome sounding exhaust from Fabspeed.

McLaren 12C by ADV.1 and Fabspeed


McLaren 12C by ADV.1 and Fabspeed

You can, of course, go around and say that this a rather simple approach toward modifying a car, even a cool one like the McLaren 12C, but in all honesty, the end result really does awe. As far as looks go, apart from the ADV.1 wheels, there is also a new front bumper from McLaren’s Special operations division.

McLaren 12C by ADV.1 and Fabspeed
McLaren 12C by ADV.1 and Fabspeed

As for performance, besides an ECU remapping, the guys from Fabspeed installed a quad pipe exhaust system. Besides the very interesting improvement in aspect, when the McLaren 12C puts the power down, and it has plenty of it, the sound it produces is out of this world. Just watch the video below to find out for yourself.

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Written by Andrei C.

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