Impressive Gallery: Novitec Ferrari California T N-Largo by Novitec

The Novitec Ferrari California T N-Largo is a real rare supercar and we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it in too many tuning programs.

However, Novitec is used to customizing Ferrari models and they recently took on this exquisite and rare model, which looks extremely well with their new kit, without losing its original attitude.

Novitec took advantage of the car`s already tweaked N-Largo kit and added a few elements that would make it even more standout.

The new body kit comes handy with the updated front bumper with huge air intakes and grilles, adding custom vented bonnet, wide front wings, side sills and skirts, larger rear arches, tweaked rear bumper and massive diffuser with integrated tailpipes.

From a mechanical perspective, this lad here has also received the Novitec wheels and the high-performance lowering springs, which make the Ferrari California T N-Largo more aggressive and add greater stance.

Under the hood, Novitec have also increased the car`s power, adding a power kit with and extra 86 horsepower and impressive 100 Nm of torque. Their finished product can be admired in the photo gallery below. If you like it, don’t be a stranger and tell us what is that you like about it!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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