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800 Hp Nissan Juke

If you are going to go ahead and tune a Nissan, and money is not an issue, the most logical choice would be the GT-R, and you can already see plenty of those around.

But when you see this particular Juke do a lap around the Nurburgring, you quickly understand there are plenty other ways to go.

800 Hp Nissan Juke

800 Hp Nissan Juke

As you can find out for yourself in the video linked below, this Nissan Juke was taken to extremes, now being able to churn out some 800 Hp. And that is whitout activating the NOS, which will give it an additional 200 Hp. That is quite a lot of power for a car that wasn’t really designed for it.

800 Hp Nissan Juke

800 Hp Nissan Juke

Of course that is not the only performance upgrade installed. In order to handle the extra oomph better, the Nissan Juke also received new suspension systems, taken straight from a GT-R. Inside you get racing seats and a rollcage, for a complete racer pack. As for visual mods, the wonky new paintjob as well as the new lights and hood ornament go perfectly well with the general quirky vibe of the Juke.


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