Vilner presents the Autobiography Range Rover

These past few months have brought quite a lot of new tuning kits from Vilner, and I would have to say all of them are noteworthy, even if a it atypical.

And when I say atypical is because they are not the traditional interior design for which Vilner is known.

Range Rover Autobiography by Vilner


Range Rover Autobiography by Vilner

A few cars have had massive exterior visual overhauls, and they all looked awesome. The latest to join this branching out of Vilner is a Range Rover Autobiography carbon pack, and while it is not quite as heavily modified as the other projects (like the Bullshark or Stormtrooper Bimmers).

Range Rover Autobiography by Vilner
Range Rover Autobiography by Vilner

No big body parts were modified, but Vilner did replace many plastic trims with their own carbon fiber parts, like the mirror caps or parts of the bumpers. They also deemed it necessary to put in a new exhaust system and a new set of wheels. Other than that, the Range Rover is pretty much stock. If there is more to come, we don’t know yet.

What do you think?

Written by Andrei C.

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