Mercedes AMG GT by RENNtech is Extremely Fast

I am not much of a Mercedes AMG GT fan, but in terms of power and performance I have to admit that it is quite impressive. After all, we are dealing here with a monster and not a beauty pageant contest.

And with some “help” from the famous RENNtech German based tuning shop, this Mercedes AMG GT is even more impressive. The guys from the aftermarket shop have fitted the sports car with an ECU remap kit priced at $3,495 and the modified sports exhaust system with downpipes with 200 cell sport catalyctic converter which costs $4,940.

Mercedes AMG GT by RENNtech


Mercedes AMG GT by RENNtech

The overall power has not been yet revealed, but we should expect around 590 horsepower. But to see how fast is this modified Mercedes AMG GT by RENNtech tuner, you should watch the video with the sports car on tracks at the Palm Beach International Raceway.

Mercedes AMG GT by RENNtech
Mercedes AMG GT by RENNtech

The race event held in Palm Beach welcomed this modified AMG GT, which managed to run the quarter-mile in 10.94 seconds, at a topping of 128 mph (205 km/h), and this is quite impressive, given the fact that the Mercedes AMG GT was only fitted with a remapped ECU and new exhaust system. Moreover, the performance figures were also possible thanks to the new ADV5.2 Track Spec CS wheels, from ADV1 Wheels Tuning. But we`d better sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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