Range Rover Mystère Package by Hamann Caught in Barcelona

From my point of view, the German based Hamann tuning company is one of the best from the entire tuning segment, the aftermarket shop carrying out a lot of visual and performance tuning programs for a lot of hot models.

It is also the case of this Range Rover which has received a body style package called the Mystere package, and while some hate it because of the strange body wrapping, I personally find it one-of-a-kind. And the pictures above can demonstrate if I am wright or wrong. Surely, it all depends of the way you are looking at it.

Range Rover Mystère Package by Hamann


Range Rover Mystère Package by Hamann

The Range Rover Mystere was spotted in Barcelona and is coming with a bold body style package, consisting of an aero kit with front and rear spoilers, new bumpers, fenders and side sills, updated diffuser and skirts, sport hood, wide wheel arches, as well as the customized side vents. The overall design is complemented by the Hamann Evo Anniversary wheels.

Range Rover Mystère Package by Hamann
Range Rover Mystère Package by Hamann

Form a performance perspective, we have no idea if the aftermarket specialists have made their way under the hood, but for me, this would be the perfect solution of taking it out for a spin on the streets and have everybody take a closer peak at the model.

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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