Liberty Walk Audi R8 Sits on Forgiato Wheels, Installation by LB-Performance

LB-Performance tuner has recently carried out an outrageous tuning program on the Audi R8 sports car, the model receiving the wide body kit from Liberty Walk.

Liberty Walk is well-known for its massive aero kits, with a lot of supercars like Lamborghini, Ferrari or McLaren to receive one. Each aero kit is unique and highlights the car`s personality.

As for the Audi R8, the model looks ridiculously aggressive from the factory and a Liberty Walk might seem inappropriate for such a small sports car, at least this is my point of view.

However, the aftermarket specialists from LB-Performance that were responsible for the entire making of the car, stated that they did their best not to spoil the car`s originality.

However, the Liberty Walk Audi R8 does not make such a good taste with the wide front splitter and rear diffuser, side skirts or ducktail rear spoiler.

From a mechanical point of view, the model has also received the Airrex air suspension and sport exhaust system. The new suspension lowers the car`s ride height, making it extremely insane, especially since it comes equipped with the new Forgiato wheels, finished in matte black.

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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