Video: Mercedes E63 Wagon on Vossen Wheels, Installation by RENNtech Tuning

There is a difference of choice and taste between Europeans and Americans, the first category beginning to like customized wagons more and more, which seem to be the perfect and standout family cars, while the latter prefer bulk, massive and insane tuning programs carried out on their muscle cars and not only.

I also prefer having my wagon customized by a tuner, especially if it involves a Mercedes E63 and the German-based RENNtech tuning company, which mainly specializes in standout programs on different Mercs.

This lad here is a bad-ass tuned-up wagon, with some special wheels from Vossen tuner. Besides the new styling kit which makes it more aggressive, the E63 is now bragging with the fresh Vossen VFS-5 alloy wheels, perfectly matching the carbon aero kit.

They measure 20×9 and 20×10.5 front and rear and provide the model with an extremely aggressive attitude and greater stance. And the mod list also carries on underneath the car`s skin.

RENNtech technicians have also prepared a special upgrade kit, in the shape of the Stage III power module, which is just enough to make it squeeze-out an impressive 850 horsepower and whopping 1,000 lb-ft of torque. The colossal power comes handy with a 4MATIC all-wheel drive configuration.

This would be perhaps one of the most powerful wagons in the auto industry I have ever seen, and RENNtech promised they would come back with the official performance figures. Meanwhille, enjoy the video with the hot model!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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