Video: Porsche Macan S with Power Upgrades by Cobb

Even if the Porsche Macan is not considered that high-end like its bigger sibling the Cayenne SUV, the latter`s supremacy could be seriously questioned in case you would run over an upgraded Macan with some impressive power figures under the hood.

Speaking of the Porsche Macan with some new figures under the hood, the video below is highlighting the model with a new power stage built by Cobb tuning company.

We are looking here at the tuner`s Stage 1 Tune, which raises the car`s power to a total of 316 horsepower and 437 lb-ft of torque, squeezed from the same stock 3.0-liter V6 engine. The engine is also running on 91-octane pump gas.

Besides the good power boost, this Porsche Macan has also received a handful of updates at the exterior, like an updated front and rear bumpers, as well as a roof-mounted carry box, which makes it perfect for commuting and lots of outdoor activities along with the entire family.

The reason why the Porsche Macan is so easy for lots of customizations is that the car`s biturbo V6 engine allows for serious modifications and new mechanics.

Now that you have found out about the car`s new power, I recon you would also take your Porsche Macan out to a tuner`s shop to add some impressive modding under the hood! Enjoy the video with the model and don’t forget to share your opinions with us!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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