Exclusive tuning: Novitec transforms the Lamborghini Huracan EVO supercar

Owners of Lamborghini Huracan EVO can choose to customize their supercar in a unique way. Novitec offers a special package for the rear-wheel drive Hurricane.

Novitec, one of the most famous tuning companies for supercars, specializes in customizing and modifying supercars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren and Tesla. This time, the company presents their package for the current Huracan EVO with rear-wheel drive.

Novitec offers a series of accessories made of carbon fiber to complete the already aggressive appearance of the Huracan, but also to improve aerodynamics, thus completely changing its behavior at high speeds. Accessories, such as the front spoiler extension, also come with a front boot lid, mirror covers, engine cover and aileron, also made of carbon fiber. These changes do not only have an aesthetic role. They aim to direct the air towards the engine and the brakes.


In addition to the outer package, Novitec has developed, together with American specialists from Vossen, a set of forged rims that can be ordered with both class studs and a central stud.

The front ones are 20 inches in diameter and the back ones are 21 inches.

The changes do not stop there. The tuning company also offers the possibility to install a set of sports springs. And for those who want more adjustments and adjustments, there is an adjustable suspension, which lowers the ground clearance by up to 35 millimeters.


Of course, we can’t mention Lamborghini without remembering the instinctive sound of the V10 engine. Novitec has also thought about this aspect and has developed an exhaust system that can be ordered, either made of stainless steel or INCONEL (a special alloy used in Formula 1).

Being among the most famous supercar tuners, Novitec promises to amaze its customers with a careful selection in terms of leather and Alcantara for car interiors.

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