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Return of F1

Formula One, the world’s most-watched motorsport franchise was hit hard as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The 2020 season was all set to begin in Australia back on 15th March 2020 but the drivers, staff, and team principals decided that it would be better for the fans and the sport if the start of the season was postponed for later.

As it turned out the Australian Grand Prix was canceled and so was the next few Grand Prix in the 2020 schedule. The drivers made the most of it by turning towards E-sports and streaming their races with each other. It wasn’t too late before F1 organizers also jumped in and organized a few races for the pleasure of the fans. However, all this was nothing compared to the excitement of a real F1 race.

Fortunately, the Covid-19 slowed down in parts of Europe and that allowed the organizers to plan the first race of the season. The Austrian Grand Prix took the place as the season initiator on July 5th, 2020. Soon after, 10 more venues were decided and the F1 schedule came alive once again.

Previously, grim circumstances across the world made it look like we would have to skip the entire 2020 season but things fell into place just at the right moment. Now we have 13 confirmed races. The first 6 races have already been completed in the sport’s return with Hamilton winning 4 of them. The FIA confirmed that more venues will be added as time passes and a few tracks will make a comeback into the calendar like the Imola circuit.

The FIA is committed to managing all 22 races this year with some tracks getting more than one race weekend. Given the pandemic situation, there are no fans allowed on the track but we are sure most of you will be glued to your screens each race weekend.


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