Video: This Is IAT`s Karlmann King SUV from China – Price Is Set at Whopping $2 Million

In case you were making an inquiring about the most expensive SUVs in the world today and didn’t find much, then you definitely have to add the Karlmann King to the top of your list. According to its builder, it costs no less than $2 million, which makes it the most expensive the world has ever seen. The model was also showcased at the Dubai Motor Show.

It was not built in Adu Dhabi or other rich places in the Middle East. The model in question comes from China and was built by IAT company. The result is a monster on wheels, a kind-of spaceship with an extremely evolutionary design. However, the SUV`s main highlight is not the design language or power under the hood, it is the extremely luxurious and highly technologized interior that sets it apart for that money.

The Karlmann King will be a rare thing – only nine units will be built – coming with a muscular design, with a sort of armored bodywork, measuring 2.5 meters wide and weighing six tones. It is also uses a Ford F-500 chassis to make it that bigger and wider.

Speaking of weight versus speed, don’t expect the Karlmann King to act like an extremely fast SUV; because of its massive weight, the SUV`s top speed is limited to just 140 km/h, that despite the fact that it produces around 400 horsepower, squeezed out from a 6.8-liter V10 engine from Ford.

As for interior highlights, the best way to describe it is the impressive photos released below. However, we should mention some of the most important features like ambient lighting, premium leather upholstery, retractable widescreen TV, refrigerator, electrically-operated pop-out tablets.

Besides the media gallery, the Chinese-based IAT company has also released some exceptional videos that reveal the insides of building such an expensive SUV. What do you think, is the price justified? Would you pay the whole $2 million for it? Please comment below!

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Written by Eduard Huma

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