Superchips's Ford EcoBoost engine

Superchips upgrades the Ford Ecoboost engine

The British specialists from Superchips decided to improve the tiny 1.0-liter EcoBoost petrol unit offered by Ford on several models in the range.

Thanks to Ford’s EcoBoost technology, the engine is already capable to produce 123 horsepower and 169Nm of torque, but the tuners thought they can squeeze even more juice from the power plant.

Superchips's Ford EcoBoost engine


Superchips’s Ford EcoBoost engine

The company decided to rework the ECU unit which improved the total output to 145 horsepower and 227Nm of torque.

If you own, for example, a Ford Focus or B-MAX fitted with the 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine, Superchips offers the power upgrade at £455, including VAT.

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Superchips’s Ford EcoBoost engine

Despite the extra power, the UK-based tuning company says that the fuel economy is kept at the same level of 56mpg UK (5 liters/100km).

You can get a better view at the improvements brought by Superchips thanks to the chart below which shows both power and torque improvements compared to the stock engine.

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