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Nissan GT-R driven by blind person

There have been plenty occasions where blind persons took part in driving vehicles, and even trying different tricks and stunts.

There is even a land speed world record for a blind person, and it belongs to Mike Newman, who managed to reach 300 km/h in a Porche 911.

Nissan GT-R by Litchfield

Nissan GT-R by Litchfield

Now he decided to up his game and broke his previous record with a 323 km/h run on the Elvington airfield. The new car he drove was a Nissan GT-R tuned to some serious heights. Litchfield handled the prep work on the GT-R which now develops 1.200 Hp.

Nissan GT-R by Litchfield

Nissan GT-R by Litchfield

Other specifics on the car we don’t have, but even the power alone would deter many from stepping into the car. Even the standard Nissan GT-R is a scary beast. The blind Mike Newman was alone in the car during his record run, his only aid being radio directions received from his stepfather.


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