Ford Fiesta ST Gets Significant Power Upgrades from Mountune

In the world of racing, the subcompact models do take their fair share of the market and the exquisite Ford Focus ST has its rightful place in the segment with impressive characteristics. Even so, if you like to squeeze the best out of it, then you should get it “fixed” with a couple of extra horsepower from Mountune shop.

The British-based aftermarket shop is well-known for customizing different racers and this one seen here is no exception when it comes to delivering impressive torque and output.

The Ford Focus ST in the stock form is extremely powerful, coming with 180 horsepower and 290 Nm of torque, but with the Mountune`s MR265 power kit, this model can be transform into a genuine Fiesta RS model.

According to Autoblog, the model won`t be arriving in the United States, the M265 being set for Europe alone and will come with impressive power.

The tuner has also declared that the MR265 will be based on the same powertrain equipping the MR230, meaning that it will come with a brand-new hybrid supercharger, high-flow rear intake pipework, silicone hoses or larger intercooler, all of that making the car`s 1.6-liter EcoBoost develop 265 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque.

But the good news don’t stop here, as Mountune is also planning to make the Ford Fiesta ST more powerful, thanks to a new power kit with additional mechanics, which will squeeze 276 horsepower,. The news has also been confirmed by Ken Anderson, president of Mountune`s US operations.

All the power will be available thanks to the new Garret GT2554R turbocharger installed on the stock exhaust manifold and a few more. The details is rather scarce at the moment, but we should be able to find out more in the upcoming period.

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Written by Eduard Huma

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