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Hummer H2 by Vilner

For the most part, when I hear about a car being restyled by the Bulgarians at Vilner, I expect it to be upgrade to the next luxury level.

As such, most of the cars that find their way into their shop already posses a certain degree of style.

Hummer H2 by Vilner

Hummer H2 by Vilner

So then, I ask you, why would they touch a Hummer H2, a car that at most can be considered opulent, but never classy or even stylish? The answer is beyond me, but the results are rather good, all things considering. Vilner decided to go with a black / yellow theme which also incorporates Chinese dragons motifs.

Hummer H2 by Vilner

Hummer H2 by Vilner

As you might expect from Vilner, both the exterior and the interior were executed with utmost craftsmanship and only high grade materials were used. Sadly, the end result, while still being one of the best Hummer H2 tunes out there, kind of falls short of my expectations of Vilner.


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