Photo Gallery: Ultimate Six Hummer by Calwing Is Really Massive and Insane

We have seen the Japanese technicians from Calwing at work before, with gigantic body kits carried out on the outrageous BMW X5M or X6M, as well as other outstanding models, but I have never seen what you guys are about to see in the photo gallery below.

Perhaps the words are useless at this time, but we should get some opinions before going to watch the gallery.

It is an interesting project, if I can call it “interesting”, it is more of a monster truck on six-wheels, hence the name: Ultimate Six Hummer. The monster is based on the long-gone H2 Hummer and was fitted with a six-wheel configuration. And I have to admit that it does not have anything in common with a Mercedes G-Wagon, the first SUV seen customized with a six-wheeler project.

It is massive, huge and perhaps is just an imagery exercise and nothing more. But Calwing took their job seriously when approaching this program. The Ultimate Six Hummer has all it can have in this shape.

It has the NEXTNATION extremely wide body kit, all wrapped with bespoke bumpers, fenders, grilles, running boards, as well as the Diablo muffler with quad tailpipes.

The entire wide body kit is complemented by the massive 24-inch Hyperforged alloy wheels, along with the custom air suspension, which lower the car`s ride height and improve its stance and maneuverability. Underneath, the massive Ultimate Six Hummer uses the same Vortec V8 mill, with 325 horsepower.

But who needs extra power when you have such a massive Hummer with an insane body kit and huge wheels?!? Now we will keep our mouths shot and watch the media gallery together!

What do you think?

Written by Eduard Huma

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