Video: Hennessey Performance Previews Venom F5 Hyper ahead 2017 SEMA Show

With just a couple of days before opening its doors, the 2017 SEMA Show taking place in Las Vegas will gather plenty of hot wheels, fully-customized supercars and hypercars. One special hyper is definitely going to be the below previewed Venom F5 by Hennessey Performance.

In case you don’t know, Texas-based Hennessey Performance is well-known for its impressive and insane customizations on different American muscle cars. Yet recently, the aftermarket shop has turned its eyes on the Venom F5, turning it into a monster.

The hypercar`s creation and development are detailed in the preview video released below by Hennessey Performance aftermarket shop.

Arriving at the 2017 SEMA Show starting with November 1st, the Hennessey Performance Venom F5 hypercar will definitely be one of the most appreciated among the toughest hypercars in the world; more impressive than the Lotus Exige or Bugatti Veyron, which are also creations of the same Hennessey.

According to a handful of details released by Hennessey Performance, their project is built on a high-performance new platform, meaning advanced aerodynamics and evolutionary design highlighted by the triplet of circles theme at the exterior as well as inside the cabin.

Besides the hypercar`s mind-blowing design and aerodynamics, the Hennessey Performance Venom F5 comes with impressive power and torque. Sadly, the aftermarket shop has not released the official details, but according to recent reports, it would come with more than 1,000 horsepower and whopping 1,500 Nm of torque. Not to mention the rumored 300 mph.

Until we find out full details with the hypercar in the following days, all we have to do is wait and atke a closer look at the video below, which presents some insight on how the Venom F5 was built and produced. Do you like the monster hypercar?

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Written by Eduard Huma

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